What we do.

Service is more than just a word!

We are a leader in the turnkey construction of compressor and meter stations, gas processing units and pipeline construction. Our managers and key field superintendents have a combined over 550 years of experience. This is what we do, and we pride ourselves in doing it exceptionally well. We regularly work with engineers, executives, facility and project managers, planners and purchasing agents to ensure the job is done above expectations, to the exact specifications and timeline that our client requires.

How we do it right.

Expertise:  Experience makes a difference.  Our field superintendents aren’t just experts in their field, they are experts in many fields.  Our turnkey approach requires a well-rounded team and we take pride in retaining the most experienced. 

Service: Building effective communication with our clients is not just an extra benefit, it is a requirement to make every project successful.  We believe in teamwork and working together to make your job run smoothly. 

Safety: Safety is absolutely our #1 concern, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week: Every job, every worker, every time. 

Timeliness & Cost: One of the most important measures of success for any job we take on is if 1) it was done on time and 2) it was done on budget. These two aspects are important to all team members to ensure a successful completion of current projects and to earn future project partnerships.

Let’s Get Started

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