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Safety is a core value at Six C. We value the health and well-being of every member of our organization. We always strive to protect our employees and to ensure our fundamental ability to obtain and execute work in a safe, ethical and economical manner. At Six C, we recognize the following safety concepts:

  • Working safely is a condition of employment.
  • Safety performance measurement is used to track success and continuous improvement.
  • Successful safety performance requires continuous involvement, teamwork, and leadership.
  • Superior safety performance results from following proven rules, practices, and techniques.
  • All accidents are preventable.
  • All tasks can be completed safely.
  • Each safety deficiency must be addressed promptly and effectively.
  • Safety training is a continuous process.
  • Off-The-Job safety is as important as On-The-Job safety.
  • “Zero Accidents” is our company-wide goal.

Because our work is executed following these principles, Six C contributes a positive effect on each job in which we are involved. We recognize that working safely is not always easy or expedient, but it is always smart and, more importantly, it is always the right thing to do.

In order to maintain our safety standards, Six C uses the tools listed below:

  • Full-time Safety Director
  • OSHA compliant [ISNetworld, NCMS, PECS and PICS approved]
  • D.O.T. and non-D.O.T. drug alcohol programs [NCMS and Veriforce approved]
  • Client specific insurance coverage [ISNetworld approved]
  • ASME certificates of authorization in the categories of U and National Board R stamps
  • VeriForce Qualified
  • ISN Subscriber
  • Safety Manual
  • Pre-job Meetings
  • Accident/Near Miss Investigation
  • Safety Training, Including Job Safety Awareness
  • Daily Safety Meetings
Verified OSHA loss ratio information is available on the ISNetworld, Veriforce, PECS, and PICS websites.
Safety Certifications

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